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A wakeboard boat’s defining characteristic is its tow point. A high tow point allows water sports enthusiasts in Colorado to catch more air and be more experimental with their aerial tricks. With our team at Action Water Sports Colorado being an experienced boat dealer of wakeboard boats in Colorado, we can help you choose the appropriate size, model and color of wakeboard boats that fit your lifestyle and budget. Our team is revered for its in depth knowledge, attention to detail, and customer service. This ultimately helps you hit the Colorado water with a boat that elevates the thrill and fun of your boating experience. To buy your dream wakeboard boat, visit our boat dealer now!

  • Have Fun on Your Next Water Adventure With Our New Wakeboard Boats for Sale

    At Action Water Sports Colorado, we retail the finest wakeboard boats in Colorado that are designed to make large wakes for riders as you cross back and forth behind your boat. Built with inboard engines and a unique V hull design, our inventory of wakeboard boats for sale in Colorado help you cut through rough water efficiently. Our boat dealer is proud to retail Nautique and MB wakeboard boats that deliver unparalleled performance and are fitted with cutting edge technology to make an impression. Whether you need a Nautique G25 that’s known for its breakthrough in hull design or an MB B52 23 APLHA for the value and consistency it offers, our Colorado team has it all.

  • Used Wakeboard Boat Shopping in Colorado Made Easy

    For our team, boating is a passion, which is why we work to minimize the hassles and confusion related to buying a boat in Colorado. We conduct extensive tests to ensure our preowned wakeboard boats are free of any safety issues. As an optimal way to save money and yet retain the qualities of a new boat, our used wakeboard boats for sale in Colorado are ideal for water sports enthusiasts. Our preowned inventory of boats is curated to make your Colorado wakeboarding experience sheer pleasure.

Test Ride & Buy Premium Boats at a Fair Price

At Action Water Sports Colorado, we’re a reliable boat dealer that takes great pride in carrying the finest lineup of distinctive makes, models, and sizes of boats for boating enthusiasts all over Colorado. We believe in facilitating our client’s ambition of becoming proud boat owners by offering special financing packages, boat trade in options, and the opportunity to test ride top boats you’ll love. With a strong commitment to the Colorado community, our well trained technicians expertly handle boat customization, detailing, and repair jobs. Why wait? Give our professionals a call and buy your dream boat today!

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